Music to Process Trauma by…

One of the things I was interested in whilst doing my research was whether anyone else found music as important as I did in recovering. Quite a few people mentioned music but I thought I’d share the songs that meant a lot to me. It’s all about the lyrics.

Sometimes it’s about being angry….

Or, incidentally, when you need music to clean your house to. Metallica is good for both: cleaning and rage.

Sometimes you need reminding that you are strong.

Back in the day, before digital downloads a friend searched secondhand record shops to find me that single. That meant so much. I wasn’t alone. Which brings me to…

Something I’ve always aspired to be. Lately my favourite has been this one

Ultimately though every day is a new day and a new start. No one singer is more important to me than Nina.

And rinse and repeat. As I was frequently reminded throughout my research recovery is actually recovering – an ongoing, never ending process but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have moments, days or months or years of happiness. Do you have any music that speaks to you? Please share in the comments or on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Music to Process Trauma by…

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  1. Yes! I have found music a source of escape, comfort and keeping my sanity as well.
    Anything from Blues to Heavy Metal, it’s all seen me through some very tough times.


  2. Sorry, I do ‘t do Twitter,so I hope it’s ok to reply here because this is a great post -music sometimes feels like a life saver to me. I usually have several playlists on the go, for when I’m angry (Martha Wainwright’s “Bloody Motherfucking Arsehole” , “Just Make it Stop” by Low), feeling abandoned (the Johnny Cash version of “Hurt”, “You don’t know what love is” by Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse “Back to Black”, and Nina Simone’ s version of “Ne Me Quitte Pas’), or just hurting (“Tom Traubert’s Blues” by Tom Waits, Coldplay “Fix You” , “Nightswimming” by REM, “Either way I lose” Nina Simone again). I also like Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue especially “Flamenco Sketches” and JS Bach’s Cello Suit No.1 to calm me down when the anxiety takes over.
    I usually avoid conversations about music – people can be very competitive and I know my taste in music (or anything else, I guess) isn’t cool, but here I don’t mind admitting that…


    1. I think they are cool! I’m going to listen to a few here that I don’t know. Music is so important, I think, for either reflecting how you feel or changing a mood. Thanks so much for your comment.


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