I wanted to update you on all that's happened this year and what's coming up in my CSA research. What I wanted to do with my research was improve things, even a tiny bit, and it looks like it is happening. So this year we made a film 'Flow.' On the steering group were people with lived... Continue Reading →


This week I've training child psychologists on working with traumatised kids and presented to healthcare workers in Australia. On my mind now is this quote from K├Ąthe Kollwitz and I finally feel like I'm doing it. How about you?


Please note: The film does not have any scenes of abuse but may be upsetting for people who have experienced trauma because it is about the struggle to be heard. https://youtu.be/ddkpNkjJXR8 Please tell me what you thought about the film. We also have a training resource pack. There are also further research based resources.

Flow at ISPCAN

On Thursday 27th October Chris Godwin, from Inner Eye Productions, and I will be running a webinar for the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect (ISPCAN). More details at the ISPCAN home page.

Birmingham Film Festival

Big news! 'Flow' has been selected by the Birmingham Film Festival and is up for the Bull Award (best film)! It's being shown on Wednesday 16th November at 6pm at Millennium Point in Birmingham. Entry is free.


The great thing about research is finding people who are doing related work and forging connections. I was really honoured recently to be asked to be an Associate Fellow of the Sexual Harms and Medical Encounters (SH+ME) project at Birkbeck. They are a team, lead by Professor Joanna Bourke, researching the role of medicine and... Continue Reading →

Australian Premiere

The Australian Premiere for our film 'Flow' is at the Compassion Revolution conference in St Kilda, Melbourne on the 17th November. The conference is focussed on compassion and healthcare so it's the perfect place for us to share our work. I wish we could be there in person. I visited St Kilda a long time... Continue Reading →

Journal Article

Lovely way to start the day as my first journal article has been published online in Qualitative Social Work. It's open access - so anyone can read it. It's based on my doctoral research, co-authored with my supervisor Dr Tom Clark, and looks at how people respond to adults disclosing childhood sexual abuse. Spoiler -... Continue Reading →

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