Results and Resources

Here’s some more information about my research. None of it goes into detail about abuse but might be triggering for people with cPTSD. Hopefully, it is still worth reading.

Training Resource pack for the film ‘Flow’

Handout for people who have experienced abuse

This A4 Handout explains the main findings of the research.

Handout for Professionals

This A4 Handout has evidence-based suggestions to improve practice.

Research Infographic

Statistics from the research.

All Party Parliamentary Group for Adults Abused in Childhood

My submission to the panel.

The full report of the APPG is here. It looks at issues around access support and experiences of reporting CSA to the criminal justice system.


You can download my thesis here. This is written in academic language so might be a bit hard to read but it does contain a review of the research around CSA and my own research. Hopefully there will be a book available soon that won’t be so hard to read

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