McCrory, Francis; The Curzon Film Theatre; Queen’s University, Belfast;

I’m delighted to report, after much effort, I’ve got funding from Research England to create a short film. It is also supported by NHS England and the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (Department of Health).

What really came out in my research was that poor reactions to talking about abuse can stop people trying to access help and I want to address that. This project has ethics approval from the University of Sheffield.

The film itself will be a drama inspired by experiences of adults who have tried to talk about childhood abuse to NHS clinicians. It will aim to improve responses and make it easier to access help. I’m working with Inner Eye Productions. Inner Eye are an award winning company with a track record for producing films that change behaviour. For examples of the type of films they produce please check out their website. NB: I haven’t watched a single one without getting teary so please be aware of that. 

We have a very short timescale to get this done so I’m sure I’ll be able to update soon. In the meantime I’m ordering a directors chair!

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