Art and Flow

The theory of Flow is that when we do something absorbing and challenging it’s really good for our wellbeing. It reduces anxiety and raises self esteem.

In an effort to practice what I preach I’ve been making more time for art.

The idea is that these moment of flow can add together and help you feel more positive about life – raising your wellbeing over a longer period of time. You can reach a flow state in lots of ways: exercising, working, creating – whatever gets you so absorbed that time flies by.

In my research people listed all sorts of activities that gave them a sense of happiness and wellbeing including reading, writing, slam poetry, painting, dance, walking, playing musical instruments, running, meditation, gardening and design.

It doesn’t matter whether anyone else thinks you are any good at whatever you are doing – the point is the doing it and for many people who have been abused self expression and making your own choices is so important. Why not have a go today?


Flow: The Psychology of Happiness (2002) Mihayl Csikszentmihayli

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