Please note: The film does not have any scenes of abuse but may be upsetting for people who have experienced trauma because it is about the struggle to be heard. https://youtu.be/ddkpNkjJXR8 Please tell me what you thought about the film. We also have a training resource pack. There are also further research based resources.

Art and Flow

The theory of Flow is that when we do something absorbing and challenging it’s really good for our wellbeing. It reduces anxiety and raises self esteem. In an effort to practice what I preach I’ve been making more time for art. The idea is that these moment of flow can add together and help you... Continue Reading →

Four Key Questions

My research has identified four key questions for people recovering from childhood sexual abuse to consider. Some of the answers will be individual to you and it is vital that you make your own choices. After thinking of your answers to these questions you might feel that you want to take action yourself or you... Continue Reading →

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