1 in 6

I found this a very moving video – and SO important.

I’m interviewing men who have experienced abuse at the moment and this video really brings home that it can happen to anyone, is so destructive – and that we need to work together to end it.

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  1. I completely agree that we need to work together to end abuse – and also to support each other in our struggle to cope. But there is something here that makes me uneasy: we were abused, girls and boys, because we were vulnerable, but some of us (me, for one) were targeted by misogynistic abusers particularly *because* we were female. Some of the men in the video were subjected to the additional cruelty of being told to “man up” by people who were stuck in damaging gender stereotypes. That was clearly awful for those boys, but the flipside of these stereotypes of men being strong and invulnerable is the idea of women being there to be subservient, to make men feel good. I feel as much compassion for male survivors as I do for women who have suffered abuse. But why were only women asked to listen to their stories? And why the “surprise twist” of revealing that they were *men’s* stories? It almost felt to me as though this was about making women take the responsibility of caring about men again, about putting men’s feelings above our own, almost as if we women have had enough time to complain about our problems. But women and girls still suffer more sexual violence than men and boys. A lot, perhaps most, of sexual violence seems to me to be linked to particularly damaged and damaging models of *masculinity*. Both boys and girls are hurt by this, and I would have liked to see some *men* being asked to reflect on these experiences and to show as much empathy as those women did.

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