How children meet abusers

Most people think child abuse is wrong. We are horrified by it, instinctively revolted. Because of this we find it easier to think that the people abusing children are different from us in some way; a different class, race or ethnicity, followers of another religion or belief. As Lewis Coser argued back in 1969 we... Continue Reading →

Crushed by Silence

‘everybody knew that they knew and that it was my fault’ Lynne Abuse exists and thrives in silence. Indeed, in most cases, it depends it. That silence can extend across the entire life of those affected. Many people who have experienced CSA will try to disclose the crime, but evidence suggests that the response... Continue Reading →

Four Key Questions

My research has identified four key questions for people recovering from childhood sexual abuse to consider. Some of the answers will be individual to you and it is vital that you make your own choices. After thinking of your answers to these questions you might feel that you want to take action yourself or you... Continue Reading →

Dr Cunnington I presume?

My PhD was awarded today. I feel...vindicated and so proud that I've turned the most horrible thing that ever happened to me into one of the best. It means SO much to me. Hopefully, it shows that we are not just victims of circumstance, tossed this way and that by fate, we can have some... Continue Reading →

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