Festival of the Mind

I'm so excited to share that our film 'Flow,' about disclosing childhood sexual abuse, will be screened at the University of Sheffield's Festival of the Mind @FestivalMind. It will be chaired by Dr Michaela Rogers @MichaelaMRogers and Professor Parveen Ali @parveenazamali from The University of Sheffield Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Research (ShIVAR) network. I'll be there... Continue Reading →

Film Launch

In advance of the launch of our film Flow on the 20th September I was uploading it to YouTube and was asked if it is suitable for children. Of course I selected 'no' but it occurred to me that, as it is about childhood abuse, it is something kids experience all too often. I hope... Continue Reading →

‘I’m either a man or I’m a victim’

The WarriorLucy Elizabeth Kemp-Welch (1869–1958) Filming started this week! The script is great and feels real thanks to the members of the steering group who have shared their experiences. It's all very exciting. As part of this project I've been creating training materials to go with the film and found this video by Seth Shelley.... Continue Reading →

Online Offending

There is an argument, recently repeated to me, that people who view obscene child abuse material do not go on to offend offline. Now clearly viewing such images IS an offence in itself and often means that you are watching a child being abused. However, the link between consuming such online content and carrying out... Continue Reading →

Art and Flow

The theory of Flow is that when we do something absorbing and challenging it’s really good for our wellbeing. It reduces anxiety and raises self esteem. In an effort to practice what I preach I’ve been making more time for art. The idea is that these moment of flow can add together and help you... Continue Reading →

The Tattooed Lady!

Recently I read this article about tattooing as a way to reclaim your body and your autonomy. This resonated with me on a professional and personal level. Young (1992) argues that for a person who has not experienced trauma, the physical environment is divided into ‘me’ and ‘not me.’ The physical boundary between ‘me’ and... Continue Reading →

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