Summer is the time for conferences and I'm speaking at 3 this year. Last Friday was theĀ Gendered Emotions in History conference at the University of Sheffield and I compared some historic examples of child sexual abuse (CSA) with things that people had told me in my research. I'll talk a bit more about the... Continue Reading →

First Article

My first journal article has been published. It's about Victorian child sexual exploitation and can be found here. It's only a short article and there is a lot more to write about Mary Jeffries - which I hope to do in other later articles.  

May 2018 Research Update

I've reached an important point in my research - the data gathering bit is finished and next I will analyse it all. There are 141 survey responses and 21 interviews. I will transcribe every interview (those that were recorded) which is taking me 5 hours/ish for each hour recorded. I'm aiming to get that done... Continue Reading →

1 in 6

I found this a very moving video - and SO important. I'm interviewing men who have experienced abuse at the moment and this video really brings home that it can happen to anyone, is so destructive - and that we need to work together to end it.

It’s not just fight or flight…

Recently a group of men who gang raped a woman in Pamplona had their conviction reduced from rape to sexual assault, despite the fact that they raped their victim. There is no question about this as they filmed it on their phones. The reason why their convictions were downgraded was because the victim didn't fight,... Continue Reading →

March 2018 Research Update

I've missed a month out but it only takes a tiny bit of snow here in the UK to send everything, including my life, haywire! I'm catching up with myself now (although more snow is due). I am contacting people who volunteered for interview about ten at a time so I don't become overwhelmed. So... Continue Reading →

Do the Abused become Abusers?

Short answer: Not in general, no. Long answer follows below. Most studies into offending get their data by asking child abuse offenders if they experienced sexual abuse as children (CSA), with many reporting that they did. It has been pointed out that their word is not necessarily reliable and they may have other reasons for... Continue Reading →

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