About the Research

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What is Recovering?

For me recovering from abuse isn’t as simple as recovering from flu. You are not just suddenly ‘well.’ However, I know that I felt worse 20 years ago than I feel now and that I have learnt some things along the way. This is what I am trying to understand in this research – what helps you feel better.

What is the Research About?

Please watch the videos below about my research. There is also a research information sheet and you can see a copy of the survey here.

If you want more specific information please email me.


3 thoughts on “About the Research

  1. How has the survey been going for you?
    I’m having a hell of a time and feel powerless without my religious crutches but am determined to break through with the “knowledge is power” approach.
    It’s only been almost 2 years since my finding out I have CPTSD.
    Thanks for your efforts.


    1. Hi. It’s going really well thank you. People’s responses are so helpful and thoughtful. One thing quite a few people are recommending is yoga – its good for feeling calmer and stronger. Have you tried that?


      1. My recovery was the gym to finally getting the pedophile 8 years but she died that was enough for me to being happy x


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