‘I am in the World to Change the World’

Well this is good news to end the week. 400 reads on Researchgate and 204 downloads on the White Rose ethesis site! Whilst I’ve been busy with homeschooling and lockdowns people have been reading my work. 😃 There’s much more in the pipeline that I will share as soon as I can. In the meantimeContinue reading “‘I am in the World to Change the World’”

Response to Violence Against Women and Girls Call for Evidence

This is a copy of the response I submitted to the government’s recent call for evidence. If you want this as a .pdf you can download it here. About the Research This submission is based upon Wellcome Trust funded research involving 140 adult survey respondents and 21 detailed interviews, in which participants were asked whatContinue reading “Response to Violence Against Women and Girls Call for Evidence”

Violence against Women and Girls Consultation

The UK Government have released a survey and a ‘call for evidence’ regarding violence against women and girls (or where the majority of victims are women and girls). You can fill in the survey here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/violence-against-women-and-girls-vawg-call-for-evidence The deadline is the 19th February.

Information for Professionals Supporting Adults Recovering from Childhood Sexual Abuse

When I started my PhD I wanted my research primarily to be aimed at people who had experienced childhood sexual abuse. This was because so much previous research was created for professionals. However, the data I gathered does have implications for all sorts of professionals; people working in the law, health, social work, community andContinue reading “Information for Professionals Supporting Adults Recovering from Childhood Sexual Abuse”

Four Key Questions

My research has identified four key questions for people recovering from childhood sexual abuse to consider. Some of the answers will be individual to you and it is vital that you make your own choices. After thinking of your answers to these questions you might feel that you want to take action yourself or youContinue reading “Four Key Questions”

Read my Research

My thesis has finally been published online. It’s free for anyone to read. You can read it here: http://etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/26956/ It doesn’t go into any graphic detail about abuse as it is focused on recovering but it may well be triggering for people with cPTSD. Certainly parts of it were for me but I still thinkContinue reading “Read my Research”